African Lions by Aaron lieberman


The African lion- can also be known as Panthera Leo.

Lions are the only cats that don't live alone, they live in prides with usually 2-3 males ans the rest females or cubs.

Classification: roaring cats

Lions live in Africa in the badlands. they live in a territory they mark as their own.

morphological and molecular evidence

relatives: tigers, leopards, and jaguars.

they are big cats and hunt the same. they share 85% of similarities.

Homologous Structures

a cat has some of the same structures but does not use them because they are smaller.

homologous structures: are structures that are in different animals but have different functions

Vestigial Structures

lions do not have an vestigial structures.

vestigial structures- they are structures that were once in the mammal but they evolved and no longer need them anymore; such as wisdom teeth in humans.

Transitional Fossils


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