MyGoal Deep Training AI-based Gait Analysis in Rehabilitation

One small step has always been...

... the most exciting adventure for mankind.

But, what if one step becomes the hardest challenge?

It will be tough after a stroke or a hip joint surgery. We help patients and therapists with our post-clinical online rehabilitation eco-system to solve certain problems.

Our deep-learning AI based mobile app provides gait analysis from video recordings. Patients generate and upload their footage simply with their smartphones. They get instant, automated feedback, individual advise, and 1:1 supervision from therapists.

We fill a huge gap between acute clinical treatment and rehabilitation.

The solution motivates patients for daily practice. This is what they need to make better and faster progress. Therapists get support to evaluate their effort.

The key problem we solve is the discrepancy between physiotherapy and individual training for people who have problems with their walking ability, for instance, stroke patients. After an incident like this people are totally overwhelmed. Their situation often worsens because they lack access to sophisticated methods, personal assistance, evaluation of progress, and motivation.

In Germany for instance, patients fall from 120 minutes of exercise per day in clinical rehabilitation to a maximum of 45 minutes per week afterwards – if they were lucky to find a slot. Many wait months for their next steps.

We help practitioners too. The dilemma of therapists and trainers is, that they can help only one person at a time. This is about to change as well.

As a team of five yet we have complementary skills and a clear focus. With Anke there is a female founder. We are diverse and multilingual. We develop in-house. Our network includes professional associations, MBA alumni, partners in sports and rehabilitation, many practitioners, and personal relations to patients who help a lot to understand demands.

It's one small step to go to market. But we need your support.

Join this fine team and their clients!

Please see our pitch at ScaleUp EU and find out about the investment case in detail. We will be happy to answer your questions. We are looking forward hearing from you.

MyGoal Training | Founders Mathias Priebe and Anke Stefaniak | Str. d. Freundschaft 92 | 02991 Lauta Germany

info@mygoal.de | phone: +49 35722 955 330 | mobile: +49 151 535 12949

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