Stocks Alissa Aguirre

What is a stock?

You use stocks instead of using water it adds more flavor. Most of the time people use them for soap or sauces. To make a stock you can use animal bones, meat, seafood, or even vegetables in water or wine, adding misreport or other aromatics for more flavor.

White Stock

White stock is made of poultry, beef or even fish bones. It is also clear.

Brown Stock

Brown stock is made from poultry, beef, or even game bones that are brown and it makes a light brown stock.


Fumet stock is made from fish bone.

Court Bouillon

Court Bouillon stock is made from poaching fish or vegetables.


Glace stock is made from brown stock, chicken stock, or fish stock. It has a jelly like consistency.


Remouillage stock is made from used bones.


Bouillon stock is made from vegetables.


Jus stock is used as sauce.

Vegetable Stock

Vegetable Stock usually made from misreport, tomato garlic and seasoning is also added.

Are stocks important?

I do believe stocks are important.Stocks are flavor to food that just water can not give to the food. Stocks can use the bones that you would most likely throw away.

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