Patrick Owen H iNTRO aRT fINAL- B


Title- "Master P." Medium- paper, pencil, and sharpie.
Title- "The Shot." Medium- wood block, paint, wire, and plaster.
Title- He's a Star." Medium- canvas, paper, and reflective paper.
Title- "4 Time Ferris Wheel." Medium- Cardsock, pencil, and paint.
Title- "The Office Scene." Medium- colored pencil, cardsotck, pencil, and sharpie.

1- I used the rule of thirds to make it different than just a regular drawing. I didn't change much but I did change some. I moved the vanishing point slightly up and slightly to the right.

2a- Line is the most prominent element in my drawing. They're everywhere. The diagonal lines draw your eyes to the vanishing point of the drawing. They all give a sense of movement and perspective.

2b- Color is the second most prominent element in my drawing. It's at work in my picture by varying and giving a sense of happiness with all types of different colors.

2c- Shape is the third most prominent element in my drawing. The shape of the buildings are created by line. They all move in the direction towards the vanishing point. The building get smaller and smaller as you look farther and shape contributes to this. Also, it contributes to the sense of where things are, A or B side.

Part 3- Critique Section

Alexander Calder

"Flamingo" By Alexander Calder. It's 53 feet tall and is located in Chicago Illinois.
Point of Emphasis.
In this work I see line, shape, color, and texture. I see line in the diagonal shape, it makes the sculpture look like it's going up and then sky diving to the ground. I see shape in the three prongs at the end, to me it shows it taking its place in the ground, like stabilizers. I see the color showing red all over the work showing an intense feeling. Lastly, I see texture all over the sculpture. It's a smooth texture.
This artwork makes me feel excited. It makes me feel like a for work is being shot into the air and it starts to fall down and at the point where the three big pieces come off, it acts sort of like the firework exploding into all different places. The artist did this with diagonal line, the color red, and it's shape.

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