Wilton VS. Staples By Carson Kranz

The Staples Wreckers boys' soccer team took on Wilton at Wakeman Field on Monday, Oct. 27. In a close 1-1 game, neither team was able to come away with a win. Staples led by one goal to start the game by Benny Feuer '20, but it was not enough to secure a victory.

Benny Feuer '20 puts Staples up 1-0 off of a header assisted off of a corner kick from Patricio Perez Elorza '20.
Corner kick from Sam Liles '20 sent just over the goal on a header by Benny Feuer. This would have put the Wreckers up by 2 goals. This opportunity was missed, and the ball ricocheted into a Wilton counterattack, allowing the Warriors to tie the game 1-1.
Staples shot by Emerson Anvari '20 is just wide of the net. This was one of Staples last opportunities to put themselves up 2-1 at the end of the game.
The Wreckers end the game 1-1 in a hard fought low scoring draw against Wilton in their last game of the regular season.