Movies about The Cold War

#1- Red Dawn

Red dawn was a movie created in 1984 and was related to The Cold War. The movie was about a group of teenagers that saved the United States from the Soviet Union's attacks and forces. It is very fictional and hard to believe because they save thousands of people's lives by fighting of another country's forces without any military experience. It was also used as propaganda and enhanced the idea that the Soviet Union would attack the U.S.

#2- Firefox

Firefox was another movie about the Cold War that was made in 1983. Firefox is about a U.S. pilot that has a mission to spy on specific Soviet Union solider. His code name is Firefox which is the name of the movie. There is a lot of advanced technology and weapon that were not actually used in the Cold War. For example the airplane he flew was controlled by his thoughts.

#3-Spies Like Us

Spies like us is a movie that is about The Cold War and was made in 1985. It was originally written as a comedy. It is about spies that try to stop nuclear bombs between The United States and The Soviet Union.

#4- Top Gun

Top Gun is another movie about The Cold War that was made in 1986. It shows how the military was built during The Cold War. A person who was fight in the army. One specific person got more attention than the other trainers. when he (the main character) tried to do what he was taught and ended up killing his father. Because of this the fights between the soviet union and the U.S. became more serious, and ended up violating the Americans freedom.


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