Nature Activity at FLMNH Lindsey Bell

Nature on Display: The Butterfly Rainforest is the exhibit that captivated my attention the most because I loved being in the makeshift rainforest. I felt as though I was in a very peaceful and serene place surrounded by nature and beauty. I was captivated by the ponds and streams in the forest and of course by all of the beautiful butterflies, so graceful and gentle. By actually being in the rainforest as opposed to seeing it in pictures, I learned that butterflies are extremely delicate creatures and that it is mesmerizing to watch them fly through the air, almost like they are floating. I got to experience the true vibrant colors of their wings that pictures don't always capture. I enjoyed being in the butterfly rainforest the most simply because of how beautiful it was and how peaceful everything felt.
Nature and the Human Spirit: This prehistoric part of the museum helps people to step out of their ordinary lives because many of the animals portrayed are no longer alive today, so people have never actually seen any of these animals in the flesh, nor will they ever. That is so fascinating because before humans were alive many of these animal roamed the very land that we live on now and they varied in size, some gigantic and others fairly small. This section of the museum helps us to better understand ourselves because it makes us realize that in the big scheme of things, we are just a small part of this world, this galaxy, and universe. We are just a small part of it and just the creatures alone that have lived on this earth before us are so mysterious. Finding so many prehistoric creatures reveals how majestic and prolific this world has been, is, and will be in the future hopefully.
Nature and Ethics: I believe that the museum allowed me to experience nature in the way that Leopold recommends because the butterfly rainforest actually allowed one to walk through a serene environment that portrays a rainforest out in nature, not man-made. Not only did I feel at peace in the butterfly rainforest, but as I was touring the rest of the museum I felt in awe. I was so amazed at the skeletons of the mastadon, giant sloth, and all of the other prehistoric animals in the museum. I was also intrigued by the butterfly hatching area they had as well as the research on them and preserving them. Other people seemed to react in similar fashions, astonishment at the skeletons, joy at the butterflies, and just sheer amazement at all the museum had to offer. The museum allowed people to interact and connect with the exhibits by providing situations where you would actually walk into a cave that had fake bats on the ceiling and they had life-size skeletons that you could compare your own size to. My experience in the museum made me feel like I need to play my part in preserving this earth and doing all that I can to make sure that the next generation gets to enjoy the same joys that I have available to me now, like hiking in beautiful mountains and all of the animals that are around today that can be seen in a zoo or better yet in the wild where they belong. It made me feel like I need to be conscious of my energy consumption and try to carpool and just do everything in my power to maintain a healthy planet.

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