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Thailand is located in the northern hemisphere and eastern hemisphere and Thailand is in Asia

Some countries that border Thailand is Laso,Cambodia,Malaysia,and Myanmar

Thailand's capital city is Bangkok and the coordinates for Bangkok is 13.756°N, 100.5018°E


Thialands tempeture zone is the Tropic of Cancer so that means it hot and can be cold and it is wet and dry and Thailands lines of latitude and longatude is 13°45'N and 100°31'E
Mekong is the 7th largest river in Asia and is the 12th world largest river in the world the length of the river is 2,703mi chao phraya is the major river in Thailand it is 231mi and flows though Bangkok into the gulf of Thailand


the population is large there are 67,741,401 people in Thailand the world rank for Thailand is 32 out of 142 the population density is not to crowded its 134sm so it not to crowded its average.
the growth rate in Thailand is moving negative the growth rate is 0.35% the fertility rate is 1.52 in Thailand, also the 5 largest city's in Thailand is Bangkok, Sumut, Nothaburi, Udon Thani, and Chon Buri

Thailand is mostly rural 80% of Thailand is rural, Thailand net migration rate is 0 so that means people are not leaving but it also means no ones entering Thailand its good no ones leaving Thailand but its also kinda of bad no one is entering Thailand.


Thailand is a developing country the GDP per capita is low its only 9,900 dollars the GDP per capita is estimated to be 30,000 so that means they don't have good paying jobs. Also the life expectancy is only 74.18 years its estimated to be 78 years soy hat means they have diseases and they don't have good medicine to treat the disease. lastly there literacy rate is low its only 93.5% and its estimated at 99% so that means a lot of people cant read and write and they don't have a lot of schools to tech them how to read and write.


the main language spoken in Thailand is Thai,Burmese,English and other languages the main religion is Buddhist, Muslim, and christian 

in Thailand popular ports are football rugby and badminton in Thailand they call soccer badminton and in Thailand they have a Thailand national football team also Thailand has a rugby team and has won the rugby world cup and Thailand has a rugby team and Thailand held the international championship ever since 1984


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