Hunting Technologies and dnr regulations

DNR Regulations

The regulations the DNR sets for hunters are that they set all rules to help people stay safe. For example they don't allow people to stay out late hunting because people can't see and it's unsafe. They also make laws to help control the amount you kill to help manage the animals from becoming under populated. To help enforce these laws they have DNR officers that drive around to make sure people are following the law and if not, to make sure that those people get the right punishment if they don’t abide by the law.


Two of the most important pieces of technology are guns and bow & arrows. Bows and arrows have been around since prehistoric times and were optimal for hunting game. Guns are a huge advancement in technology and just were introduced a few centuries ago. From shotguns for waterfowl hunting, to pistols for lightweight hunting, to rifles for long range bigger game hunting, to crossbows for the disabled, to bow and arrows for silent hunting, there are many different types of guns for hunting. There is a variety different calibres in guns for smaller animals to bigger animals. Manufacturers made it this way so that hunters can have the specific gun for the specific animal they are hunting. There are also other technologies like decoys to make the animals comfortable to come in towards you.


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