The Making of 'Mindgame' Brad Lawryk - Director

Welcome to Fairfields Hospital for the criminally insane. An author of "true crime" stories enters the institution to interview a serial killer who has been confined for thirty years. The institution’s superintendent does not want the interview to take place. Now you have to decide what is real and what is not in "Mindgame".

The Director and his Amazing Cast

Some Scenes from 'Mindgame' - November 2016

Tarantino would have been proud!
2 Nights of Auditions - June 2016

Because of the complexity of this project, auditions were held 5 months in advance in order to get the scripts in the cast's hands.

Early Rehearsals - August 2016

We rehearsed 3 nights a week for 12 weeks. Extra line runs were also held on off days. The cast was incredible.

The Set

The set was very involved in the show itself. During the action (no black outs) there were several changes made to the set right in front of the audience without them noticing. As if to be playing mind games ....

  • The portrait over the fireplace changed to 7 times
  • The portrait of the dog changed to a wolf and back again
  • The books on the second shelves from the top in the bookcases disappeared - revealing other personal ornaments
  • Entrances changed from hallways to closets and washrooms
  • Flowers grew right in front of the audiences eyes in the fireplace
  • Two large bookcases appeared by the large bay window
  • A brick wall seemed to rise out of nowhere outside the bay window
  • And more ....
Tech and Effects

That would be the look of a director who also took on many of the tech duties such as print design and sound design. Of course Adobe products were used for design and effects ...

  • Portrait Changes: Adobe Photoshop
  • Poster Design: Adobe Photoshop
  • Sound Design and Effects: Adobe Audition
  • Video Editing: Adobe Premiere & After Effects
  • Social Media: Spark Post
  • Stage Props (e.g.; Wine Bottle Labels): Adobe Photoshop
  • Design Images: Adobe Stock
The Portrait

The portrait would slowly morph with subtle changes as the play went on ....

Colour changes done in Photoshop. Can you spot the differences?
The Posters
Three different poster designs done in Photoshop were used at various stages of the process
The entire cast and crew of the Williams Lake Studio Theatre production of 'Mindgame' by Anthony Horowitz

Bonus: Scene from 'Mindgame'

Thank You For Watching

Brad Lawryk


Copyright Brad Lawryk 2016

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