Journey Log 6 Ryan dixon

Dixon - Malabro

Section 37

Journey Log 6


Creativity and Responsibility

This was the first week where class was cancelled. In place of having a class meeting, we had our one on one meetings with Chris to discuss the direction of our papers. I found my meeting with Chris to be extremely helpful, as it set me in the right direction for what I was going to do. I came to the meeting with a pretty lengthy outline of what my original plans were for the paper. Then Chris helped me go through it and eliminate unnecessary parts, while adding in useful ones. This allowed me to create a better first draft than I would have written on my own with no guidance. The reading we had assigned this week was not my favorite, but it wasn't awful. The Backpacks vs Briefcases article felt like a very technical paper to me, so it wasn't too interesting for the most part. Although, I did like what it had to say in regards to making judgements and drawing conclusions when we interact with people for the first time. The video we were supposed to watch was kind of a drag for me personally. I thought it was kind of interesting to hear them say that a lot of people think of rhetoric as trickery. The video essentially tried to dispel the negative perceptions that most people have of rhetoric.


As a college student, I have much more responsibility than I used to. That being said, I have always been the responsible kid. However, in college you are responsible for just about everything. There is not really anyone to guide you and make sure you are doing what you are supposed to. Lucky for me, I have never had an issue with this. Making sure I get all my stuff done came naturally to me at a young age. Whenever I did do something wrong, I would (usually) own up to it. I was not good about lying or blaming others for the most part. With this paper, I knew I was going to have to be responsible for making time to complete it. I had to forgo fun activities this weekend in order to get my work done. Although it can be tempting to want to go out and have fun on the weekend, my school work needs to come first. As we get older, the amount of responsibilities we have continues to increase, but so does the freedom and opportunities. So far, the added responsibilities of being in college are worth the benefits. When you think about it, having more responsibilities is pretty much a benefit in and of itself. This is due to the fact that we grow and mature when given more responsibilities. It also means that we can handle more than we used to. This is a great skill to have in life, and it will only benefit me more as I get older.


I have always been under the impression that I am primarily left brained. However, I would convince myself that I wasn't creative at all. Whenever anyone asks to come up with an idea or create something, I just make the excuse that I am not a creative person. Deep down, I know that this is not true. Everyone is creative to some extent, whether we like it or not. Creativity is an extremely important aspect of life, as we use it almost everyday in one way or another. In English class, creativity is arguably the most important aspect. In English 1030, Chris highly encourages us to be creative with everything that we do. He rewards us for going outside the box on an assignment. I think this is a great idea, as many teachers that I have had in my life would punish you for creativity. If it isn't exactly how they want it, then you get a horrible grade. I find that this system of doing things is lazy on their part, as they simply want everything to be the same so that it's easy to grade. Encouraging students to be creative with their work allows the mind to explore and expand upon new opportunities. That is one of the reasons that I think incorporating Minecraft Education into the class is also a great idea. This really lets students express new and creative ideas while at the same time allowing them to learn and have fun. I appreciate the way that Chris runs this class, as it is excellent at promoting creative behaviors that students usually do not have access to in a classroom.


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