Creating, building and extending your own model

Creating, building and extending your own model

This section introduces the basics to create, build and extend a simulation model. The estimated time to finish this session is 30 minutes.

After completing this session you will be able to:

  • Create a new Project and model Network.
  • Build a model Network, include time series, run the model and view results, and add and compare scenarios.
  • Add a reservoir and operating rules.

Creating your own Project and Network

This video shows how to create a new Project and model Network.

Building a simulation model

Once the model was created, these videos show how to:

A. Setting up and running a model network

The video contains the following chapters.

  • 0:00​ - Introduction
  • 0:07​ - Including inflow time series. Data are available here.
  • 1:23​ - Defining a water abstraction demand
  • 3:10​ - Setting up the simulation period and time step
  • 5:59​ - Running and visualizing the baseline scenario in the model
  • 7:15​ - Running and visualizing an alternative scenario

B. Modelling scenarios with different inflow time series

C. Adding a reservoir

D. Adding reservoir operating rules


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