Laughing can be Deadly By: Red RiccIardi

Somewhere in the world, we may not know. Maybe in the mountains, maybe in the rivers or even in the sky. There lives an angel, some people say but this was no angel, he was a protector, a warrior. But there is one who despises him. He lives in the underworld, with all the devils as you can imagine.

This being is cold to the bone. This was no devil, he is a clown. This clown is the ugliest clown you could imagine with his yellow teeth and his eyes, so dark, you could get lost in them. This clown would go on a rampage if it wasn't for the warrior with wings. This warrior had slicked back hair that was the brightest of blondes. He also had eyes so light blue, it looked like the sky. This elegant warrior protects all the valley for unwanted prisoners such as the clown and his devils.

The warrior was not always the protector of the valley; his dad was before him. His dad died from a well-fought battle against the against the clown and his devil army. The war went on for days until the fourth day the clown distracted the warriors dad with a small army so he could get around the warrior’s dad, it off his wings and then kill him. This plan worked and the warriors dad fell and fell until finally he hit the ground hard.

That was the worst day of his life and to this day he still hunts the clown, one and a half years later. Off in the distance the clown strikes again on the town of Naples with an even bigger army. When the warriors dad fought against the clown, there must have been 200,000 of devil but now there are almost double that.

The warrior was overwhelmed him screaming, like a student overwhelmed with a lot of homework. This warrior wasn't going to go down this easily without a fight, so he got his sword and ordered the other angels to fire on the devils. "No sir, we can't, there are too many civilians. "Yes you are correct but the only way we can help them is by attacking with the catapults." The angels agreed and fired.

With every shot they took, not many devils died and they were running out of boulders to shoot.

"Sir, with all due respect, this isn't working. What shall we do?"

Ok, I got an idea but you're going to have to go with. So we…”

"That's a great plan!”

Some angels flew down and forced all the devils to get cramped in a circle. They were about to fire until they saw that the clown was nowhere to be seen. One angel spotted him going for the warrior with all his might. The warrior heard and stopped him in the nick of time.

"Why are you doing this clown?"

"Because you killed my father, when you were just trying out your new catapult, when you were around four, you fired a catapult and that boulder you shot, killed my dad! He was just walking around the valley and you shot him, that is why I am going to kill all the warriors, starting with you!”

Just before the clown was getting ready to kill the warrior an angel came around the clown and killed him. "Sorry sir about that but he was going to kill you."

“Thank you for worrying about me but our aim was not to kill him, but to align ourselves with him so there would be no more rages on villages, but know, you started a war! Who knows what will happen...”

...down in the deep, dark, gloomy underworld, the devils are speaking about a plan on how to destroy the warrior. “What shall we do now...” “...we shall rise up and kill the warrior no matter what!”

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