In the year 2062, earth has fallen into chaos. The economy, government, everything gone. The united nations created a back up plan called project-x. This was plan to get a small population off the planet to nicknamed planet x, a new planet in the solar system that is habitable for human life, and populate the planet. There they created Xerania


What is Xerania?

When we first arrived on planet-x, we discovered a region with multiple biomes right next to each other. We decided to make multiple cities within the different biomes. This was inspired off of the movie zootopia, where you could choose what climates you wanted to live in. The architecture is mostly very futuristic but there are locations with architecture based off of the most famous locations on earth. At the center of Xerania is city-x


What is city-x?

City-x is the capital of Xerania. This is a futuristic city is in the very center of Xerania and is the home to the Xeranian government.


The laws and government

The Xeranian government tries to forget how every government on earth crumbled so they aren't autocracy, oligarchy or democracy. Xeranias goverment is similar to democracy but people have a lot more of a vote and there are less laws. There are of course laws against murder, theft and those sort of crimes but we have no laws that get rid of someones freedom and rights. For example, some people want to walk around in public naked. Others may not want to see someone naked so there are nude sectors of cities where public nudity is allowed.


The economy and education

The economy in Xerania is cheaper then the economies on earth. This mostly due to more materials found on this planet and robotic technology making work easier. The education is also cheaper because education is really important because locations with higher crime rate have a worse education system. In Schools, students are required to take certain classes for a few years, like math or English, but students have a lot more choice of what they want to learn. There are digital classes of every subject that can be taught to you by the robotic teachers we have there (if there are no teachers teaching that subject).


The beliefs of Xerania

We taught every citizen that we need be nice and compassionate towards each other and that you should help others. We got here 60 years ago and now the citizens have taught there children these morals. We teach these morals sorta like a religion. People who follow religions tend to follow it there whole life and that's what we try to do in Xerania. Every month, everybody has a three day period to take a lie detector test, where we ask a few questions about them(just to make sure no one is a murder, terrorist, etc. Literally everyone takes it, even the people in charge of the test and the mayor.


Xeranias military

The police in Xerania is hard to get into. You have to go through a lot of training and trust to get in. In Xerania, we don't make weapons that can kill. Instead, we have guns that don't kill but knock out whoever they shoot but you can't just go shooting someone if they didn't commit a crime. If you do something like that, you will be suspended for a long time. The police are Xeranias military. The police are just for keeping reckless people from doing something dangerous for them and others. If you murder someone, you are sent to prison for 10 years(unless it was accident, like a car crash). 10 years are added to your prison sentence for every person you murder. There is a mayor of Xerania who is in charge of events and plans for Xerania. A new mayor is elected every 5 years but if the mayor commits a crime, a new mayor could get elected.

Xeranias flag

The Flag

The flag colors of the flag represent different things. The red represents love. The yellow represents compassion. The green represents hope and the blue X represents both humanity and Xerania. Hope, love and compassion are very big emotions that are taught in Xerania to keep this nation a peaceful ideal place.

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