Utopia "easy"

I chose the motto "easy" because in my Utopia life would be easy you would be able to relax and not have to think about everyday task. you wouldn't need to wonder were your next meal is coming from and not have to worry about if you gonna have enough money to pay the bills this month. My Utopia would allow people to just live and party everyday. The thought of needing materialistic things to be happy would be removed from everyone's minds you would want basic human things, not what an institutionalized society wants for you.


The entertainment would be be a huge party every night that lasted all night. This party would have a massive sound system. There would be a stage with a crazy light system and someone would perform every night. On the side of the stage there would be huge containers full of water.


All the people of the island would sleep in huts built above the ground for high tide. In each of the huts there would be a dresser, television, king-sized bed,and a vending machine. Each hut would be built based on the person to make it exactly how they want.


The food on the island would come from a vending machine that would prepare and make the food for you. and you would also have a water cooler that dispensed any liquid


On my island i would wear shorts because they weather would always be warm.


> Shorts







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