boreal forest in india by:rebecca dantica.e

Introduction: India is the largest country in the south Asia the word India came from the sindhu a local name for the Indus river India also call their country bharat the name of the legendary emperor.I select the boreal forest and ecosystem and the peacock because it very visible and a lot of people know it.

the map of India

Country:India have five ecosystems they are desert ,mountain ,wetland, island and coastal areas .the biodiversity of india is very great and 12.6% of all species of bird is found in india. Biodiversity is loss is caused by human

India peacock

Ecosystem: The India Forest ecosystems are classified according to their climate type as tropical, temperate or boreal. Grassland ecosystem different type of grassland ecosystem can be found in prairies, savannas and steppes.Desert ecosystem,tundra ecosystem, freshwater ecosystem and marine ecosystem.

India river forest

Organism: Microbes, Moses,black and white spruce, balsam fir, jack pine, and tamarack.

The peacock of India

Conservation efforts: Teaching the local about the different species

the India conservation peocock


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