Nihal Pokemon Gotta Catch' Em all Full Book By:nihal

Once open a time this world was inhabited by creatures called Pokemon. I have chosen you 2 worthy trainers for the fight. I couldn't catch all these Pokemon but you will fulfill my dream 1 day.



Chapter 1: Getting the Pokemon.

So trainer Enrique which of these 3 Pokemon will you chose? Said Squirtle the water type Charmander the fire type or Bulbasur the grass type. Said Dr.oak I will choose Charmander. Said Enrique. Ok trainer Nihal what will you choose. Said Dr.oak I will choose Squirtle.said Nihal Ok you two head on your journey. Wait before you go have this it's called a Pokedex. Said dr.oak This is a electronic that will help you see how many Pokemon you've catches. Here have these poke balls these helps to catch Pokemon but make sure they're weak so you don't waste your poke balls. Go ahead trainers and remember what I have told you. Ok so Enrique let's see which 1 of us is stronger. Said Nihal Trainer Enrique Chooses Charmander. Trainer Nihal chooses Squirtle. Charmander uses scratch. Does 4 damage Squirtle uses Water gun SUPER EFFECTIVE Crictical Hit. Charmander fainted. Trainer Enrique lost Trainer Nihal won and earned $500 poke dollars. Ugh I'll get you 1 day said Enrique. Trainer Nihal. Trainer Enrique and that day will not come.

Chapter 2 Getting Stronger

So Nihal and Enrique went different directions and they will meet at Chessma Town. (Nihal) A wild Pokemon!!!! O'my God I found a shiny haunted level 9. Squirtle uses Water gun does 38 damage Haunter uses Hpnosis. Haunter health 5. Squirtle 39. Trainer Nihal Throws poke ball. 1 wobble 2 wobble 3 wobble. Haunter has been added to your Pokedex. I will beat Enrique I GOT A SHINY ALREADY.

Chapter 3 Enrique's Gets Payback

Imma beat Nihal I encountered a Shiny Haunter And my Pokemon are at level 9 haha. Ooo I just got $182.63 for capturing it oh yeah. Nihal your down buddy. (Goes to Chessma town) Ok Nihal lets battle now said Enrique. You gonna lose buddy just saying said Nihal. Try said Enrique! Trainer Enrique chooses Charmander. Trainer Nihal chooses Squirtle. Charmander uses Crunch. Squirtle fainted. Trainer Nihal chooses Haunter. Haunter uses Hpnosis Charmander is sleeping. Charmander is sleeping, Haunter uses crunch Charmander fainted. Trainer Enrique chooses Haunter. Haunter uses crunch Haunter fainted. Trainer Nihal Lost. Trainer Enrque got $192.72 for winning.

Chapter 4 New Recuits?

Nihal: Tralalalallalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalal Passing out through the forest. CryAle: 51584&!,!??;'mh to m)!5'ibjy Nihal: Um Enrique who was that. Enrique; I'dont know. CryAle: Want to team Nihal and the other one Enrique Gonzalez. Enrique: Your freaky like Franky. CryAle: That's mean You owe me 1 Benerinnheatlo. Nihal; STOP FIGHTING YOU FREAKS I WILL ELIMANTE BOTH OF YOU WITH MY ARCUES. CryAle: I have Lucario :). Nihal: I have Dialga. Cryale: I have Ninetales. Nihal: I have You know what lets battle. (Pokemon music) Trainer; Nihaltoogood4u sends Raikou. CrystAle sends ARCUES. Raikou uses Spark. ARECUES fainted. Nihaltoogood4u sends Dialga. CrystAle sends Dragonite. Dailga uses Dragon Touch Super effective. CrystAle send charizard. Dialga uses Exterme Speed. Charizard fainted. CrystAle Chooses Greninja. Dialga uses thunderbolt. Super effective Greninja fainted. CrystAle lost.

Chapter 5 Betrayed

Nihal: Get the REKT I beat you. CryAle:Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa why you got to beat a baby. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Dr.Oak Hello There My trainers Do you want to join Eclipse. Nihal: (thinking in his brain) My parents said never to join that team they are horrible. Dr.Oak Nihal And Enrique wanna and this other kid want to We will rule the world. Enrique; How do you know our names. Nihal: Attucualy how do you know our names. (:takes mask off:) NIHAL: OAK?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Dr.oak Yes I rule team eclipse. Enrique: THIS IS A BETRAYAL. Dr.Oak You better join because if you don't well we are destroying the first town 2 town 3rd town and finally 4th town.3 2 1! Boom 1rst town gone. I'm going in my plane bye have fun seeing these towns getting destroyed my my bombs. Nihaltoogood4u: Nononononoononononononononononononononono.

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