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https://youtu.be/7fLNVP5yKt0 - PhilosophyTube Vlogger -

“If the mind is like a computer, or is a type of computer, then it’s reasonable to think about building an artificial one. But, if it’s not, then we’re barking up the wrong tree.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39EdqUbj92U - Crash Course Philosophy Vlogger -

“This issue matter (can a non-living being like a robot, could be a person too), because technology is getting better all the time, and we need to figure out how we’re going to treat potential new persons, if we end up creating beings that we decide meet the threshold of personhood"

https://youtu.be/kWmX3pd1f10 - ColdVision Vlogger -

“Strong AI is simulating the human brain by building systems that can think and in the process can give us an insight into how the human brain works”

“Weak AI is a system that behaves like a human but doesn’t give us an insight into how the human brain works”

http://blog.posthumanbeing.com/ Blogger -

”speculative, focuses his or her attention on subjectivity; investigating, critiquing, and sometimes even rejecting the notion of a homuncular self or consciousness, and the assumption that the self is some kind of modular component of our embodiment.”

“If I am a technoprogressivist, then I do believe in certain aspects of the promise of technology. I do believe that humanity has the capacity to better itself and do incredible things through technological means. Furthermore, I do feel that we are in the infancy of our knowledge of how technological systems are to be responsibly used. It is a technoprogressivist's responsibility to mitigate a myopic visions of the future -- including those visions that uncritically mythologize the singularity or immortality itself as an inevitability”

“The reason I still call myself a posthumanist is because I think that we have yet to truly free ourselves of antiquated notions of subjectivity itself. The singularity to me seems as if it will always be a Cartesian one. A "thing that thinks" and is aware of itself thinking and therefore is sentient. Perhaps the reasons why we have not reached a singularity yet is because we're approaching the subject and volition from the wrong direction.”

“Speaking as a US citizen, I am constantly aghast at the overall ignorance that people have toward science and the ways in which the very concept of "scientific theory" and the very definition of what a "fact" is has been skewed and distorted. If we have groups of the population who still believe that vaccines cause autism or don't believe in evolution, do we really think that a movement toward an artificial general intelligence will be taken well?”

https://www.reddit.com/r/Posthumanism/ Forum/Community -

“How do you reconcile what will be lost in the human consciousness in the transition from human to posthuman? What do you think will be lost if anything? What should be lost?

In my opinion it would inevitable for aspects of human life to be a mystery to the posthuman. I would not even be comfortable calling it a posthuman untll its understanding of its condition is incomparable to our current human condition.

Whenever I think of posthumanism, I can't help but to imagine that great works of literature would be reduced to what we would consider cave paintings. Would the posthuman understand exactly why a piece of literature was almost unanimously loved in our time? Would the posthuman feel the same as us when reading a unanimously loved piece of literature of our time?

Obviously we would have advanced significantly in the realm of science? But what do you think would happen to the progress of our culture? Are our cultures significant? Would there be a barrier between posthuman culture and human culture?

https://silviasvoice.wordpress.com/2015/12/06/74/ - Blogger -

“ They further their explanation by stating “that it seems the post-humanism, as a critical discourse, is reflection on how the effects on and of contemporary technoculture and biotechnology force through a rethinking of the integrities and identities of the human, not forgetting either, those of its non-human others”

https://www.reddit.com/r/transhumanism/ Forum/Community -

Reddit User “prepend”

“I literally want my consciousness digitized and live in an entirely machine body. But Indont want to lose my consciousness.”

“Yes. I think the best way to go about it is a slow transition of parts. Start by replacing body components, leaving brain intact. Then slowly over time replace parts of the brain so you never cause a full break in consciousness and what's left has time between operations to adapt. Full replacement all at once would likely kill you and the new you would just be a copy.”

https://posthumanismandpornography.wordpress.com/blog/ Blogger

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8JE00xTMBOqKs7o0grFTfQ ThatPoppy “Vlogger”/Performance Artist -

“What percentage are you at? I wonder what percentage I’m at.”

"I'm only human."

https://cyborgmestiza.tumblr.com Blogger

"Las fronteras y los límites sujetan paisajes, cuerpos y comunidades de otro modo fluidos a segmentos “legibles”, partes de un todo que pueden ser controladas, monitoreadas, compradas y vendidas."

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