Canary In a Coal Mine Chloe Patterson

Carbon Monoxide is found in coal because it is a product of incomplete carbon combustion. It is found in coal mines by the oxidation of coal. It is especially common in mines where spontaneous combustion is common.

Carbon Monoxide can be common in homes in devices that burn fuel such as furnaces, grills, fireplaces, gas heaters, gas stoves, and dryers. Lawnmowers, motor vehicles, and power tools that contain engines also cause common monoxide to enter the environment. Warehouses are sources of carbon monoxide because of the fact that they contain vehicles, heaters, and gas powered machines in a confined space.

Risk factors for carbon monoxide are that exposure can be extremely harmful to unborn babies, children and adults. Unborn babies take in more carbon than adults do through their blood cells so they are more likely to get carbon monoxide poisoning. Children breathe in more carbon than adults so they are also more likely to get poisoning. Exposure can lead to brain damage, heart disease and death.

There are many possibilities of ways that you can come into contact with carbon monoxide during your day. Many sources can release carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. Everyday resources such as cars, trucks, stoves, engines, grills, clothes dryers and heaters can all release carbon monoxide and are items that we come in contact with every day.

Contemporary sources of carbon monoxide are any materials that contain incomplete combustion of carbon such as wood, coal, and gases.

Coming in contact with carbon monoxide can lead to many health risks such as headaches, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. These symptoms can be present from breathing in small amounts of carbon monoxide. If you breathe in a lot of carbon monoxide, you might become unconscious or even die. If you come in contact with carbon monoxide and survive, you may have long term health effects such as heart disease.

There are many ways in which you can protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning. Some ways to protect your family are to install a carbon monoxide detector in your home, never use charcoal systems indoors, have your heating system serviced, clean your chimneys, make sure your systems meet fire codes, and have systems in your home inspected.

The most startling fact about Carbon Monoxide is that it is responsible for the deaths of 90 percent of fire victims.

Another startling fact is that smoking tobacco increases the level of carbon monoxide levels in your blood.

Greenland is like the canary of the coal mine because they are looking at the melting of the ice caps in Greenland and the rise in sea level to see how global warming is changing the temperature of the world. This is kind of like how the canary is used in the coal mine to see if carbon monoxide is present in the coal mines.


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