Eva Peron By tyra worthington


Who was Eva?

Eva Peron was born on May 7th, 1919 and died on July 26th, 1952. Her parents were Juan and Juana and she had a couple of siblings. They also lived in Argentina most of her life.

What did Eva do?

Eva's power and authority was serving the working class and positions herself as a bridge between the government and the laborers. She believed in making the right choices and making the world into a better place. She started a revolution on Peronism. She was also a actress and a politician. She had good interaction with the environment and people. She did many good things for Argentina.

A quote she once said...

"My biggest fear in life is to be forgotten." She stay true to this quote her whole adult life. She did great things that she'll never be left forgotten to the Argentina country.


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