The United Church of Christ Aidan Ferguson, Charlie Cullen, Justin Colorundo

A brief history of the United Church of Christ:

The United Church of Christ was formed in Cleveland, Ohio when the Evangelical and Reformed Church and the General Council of the Congregational Christian Churches merged in 1957 due to their similarity in practice and beliefs.

Membership of the Church:

The UCC is estimated to have roughly 1 million adult adherents, amounting to .4 percent of the US population, which participate in the 5,116 UCC congregations found throughout the United States. The church prides itself on accepting people toting the slogan, "Jesus didn't turn people away, neither do we."

What makes the United Church of Christ stand out:

The United Church of Christ is confident in its beliefs in the triune/trinity of God albeit it uses different terminology for the three divisions (Creator (father) resurrected Christ (son)). The UCC also invites all people of faith (Christians of no particular denomination) to join in communion at its congregations. Perhaps the most defining aspect of the UCC’s faith is that it is confident in being the church to unite all Christians, since it has no rigid formulation of doctrine or attachment to strict creeds or structures.

The UCC has been an active advocate of racial and sexual equality since the 1970s, citing their accomplishments on their website.

There is a church for followers of the United Church of Christ in Garden City New York. In this church and other churches for the followers of the United Church of Christ, only baptism and holy communion are administered.

Leadership of the Church:

The president of the UCC acts as an administrative figure as well as a faith minister, taking the same position as the rest of the ministers with the exception of the administrative duties and title of president. The President of the United Church of Christ is Rev. John C. Dorhauer.

Symbols of the church:

The symbol of the church is called the “Cross of Victory”. The crown symbolizes the sovereignty of Christ, the cross recalls the suffering of Christ, and the orb reminds us of Jesus’ command to be his “witnesses”.

Relationship to the Catholic Church:

The United Church of Christ is involved in the Churches Uniting in Christ, an organization trying to establish full communion among the 9 Protestant denominations in America.

Interesting Facts:

They believe in same-sex marriage, and don't believe it is sinful.

Jackie Robinson, the Hall of Fame baseball player, was a member of the UCC.

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