Michael Ulle is a communication designer, starting his career back in 1989. that’s the short answer. the longer answer is best provided by mentioning a few of the things he‘s been up to lately. Michael created advertising for advertising agencies and design studios that crosses all media. Started working in Germany via London, Milan, Dubai, Bangkok, Mumbai and New Delhi, and now working from his german office as a freelance designer for agencies, design studios and some private clients. Michael has built relationships with his clients by using a few revolutionary techniques: listening to them; learning from them; respecting them. In other words, Michael is not interested in following tradition. He is a creatively-focused designer who has courted and won international assignments from day one; truly offered integrated solutions when some designers are still struggling with that necessity; and embraced partnerships with his clients, rather than settling for the old customer-supplier relationship. So far, it’s a plan that seems to be working.

Cover Designs Contemporary Jazz
Cover Designs Contemporary Jazz

Welcome to Mono Design Lounge. We are your new solution to all of your old problems. Thirsty for a logo? Parched for a new design or ad campaign? Our designs are never frozen. They are hand-crafted, all-natural, made fresh to order, because that‘s the way our momma likes them. Take a quick glance at our menu. Art & Creative Direction. Campaigns. Photography. Branding. The list goes on. Whether you are an struggling artist or a small business looking to take things in a new direction, Mono Design Lounge is here with fresh ideas and a friendly attitude. Stop by. Say hello. Let‘s make things happen.

Michael Ulle Portfolio Cover Designs

Michael Ulle ist Freelance Designer für Corporate- und Editorial Design & Advertising/Campaigns. Einer, der neugierig und trendsensibel ist, eine konzeptionelle Denke und ein sensibles Gespür hat für kreative, feine, schöne, intelligente Gestaltung und Kommunikation. Ich arbeite ohne Allüren, Zickereien und Eitelkeiten, dafür mit viel Teamgeist, Einsatz, Verantwortung, Humor und Spaß an spannenden, neuen Aufgaben. In den vergangenen Jahren habe ich mit einigen der feinsten Design- und Kreativschmieden zusammen gearbeitet und bringe jede Menge Berufserfahrung mit. Zur Zeit spreche ich als Freelancer Werbeagenturen und Designstudios sowie Privatkunden an, für die eine ebenso kreative wie anspruchsvolle Umsetzung der individuellen Positionierung auf hohem Niveau unverzichtbarer Teil ihrer Lebens- und Arbeitskultur ist. Die Wert auf Originalität, intelligente Ideen und phantasievolles Design legen und die professionelles Grafikdesign nicht nur als Luxuskultur betrachten, sondern als Wertschöpfung verstehen.

Michael Ulle Portfolio Cover Designs

In any brand lifecycle, all kinds of issues need to be examined from a conceptual and analytical perspective in order to ensure that the brand always remains relevant, differentiated and authentic. One of the key aspects of our advisory work is to position a new or existing brand in a clear and readily understandable way, and to develop this brand identity over the course of time using the right blend of measures and content. A differentiated position on the market, customer wishes and competitors are of central importance if you wish to present the benefits of your product or service as clearly and effectively as possible. We have developed an unequivocal approach in this regard: Our aim is to reinforce what your brand stands for, how it stands out from the competition, what your strengths are, and to clearly define your target groups and your specific competitive environment.

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Say hello! Mono Design Lounge | Michael Ulle | Philosophenweg 36 | 47051 Duisburg

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