I do not use a lot of keyboard shortcuts, but I do have a few favorites that I use countless times a day. I think the key to using shortcuts is to START SMALL and learn one or two that work for you. Use them over and over so that it becomes routine and then add on more as you go.

Opening and closing tabs is a regular part of browsing the web, so the shortcuts below might be a great place to start or maybe you can add them to your existing shortcut lineup!

Open a New Tab

Hold down Ctrl and T at the same time to open an additional tab while browsing the web. This shortcut will immediately take you into a new tab. The original tab(s) will stay open in the background.

Close a Tab

Whenever you want to close a tab without using your mouse, hold Ctrl and then W. The tab you are currently working in will automatically close.


Have you ever accidentally closed out a tab? No worries! As soon as you close the tab, use Ctrl + Shift + T and the tab will automatically reopen!


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