The Leaf. By hAliey robinson

The leaf is very interesting and is a little miracle in a such a small shape.
  • Lower Epidermis: contains stomata cells and prevent water loss
  • Upper Epidermis: a single layer that reduces water loss
  • Palisade layer:spongy layer that allows air to pass through
  • Cuticle: outer layer of tissue
  • Stoma: pores in the leaf, allows gases in and out.
  • Guard Cells: surrounds the stroma and regulate transportation
  • Vein: framework of conducting and supporting tissues
  • Spongy Layer: area with loosely packed cells allows for gas exchange
  • Air Space: gas enter and exit the leaf through the stroma
  • Xylem: transport water from roots to shoots
  • Phloem: vascular tissue in plant that conduct sugar.
  • Chloroplasts: plastid that contains chlorophyll
  • mesophyll: contains chloroplasts, is the inner tissue



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