Indian Ocean Earthquke and Tsunami By Sean Fitzgerald

Impact on Human Life

  • The Indian Ocean tsunami struck 14 different countries and killed between 230,000 and 280,000 people from 60 countries, and displaced 1.7 million others
Province of Aceh after the tsunami struck

Economic Impact

  • The estimated total immediate cost of the tsunami was 15 billion dollars
  • Around 14 billion dollars from around the world was donated for relief aid
  • Fishing cities and provinces such as Aceh were completely destroyed
  • Water sources, farmland, and roads were destroyed, forcing reinvestment from the countries effected

Environmental Impact

  • Mangroves and reefs still face the environmental impact of the tsunami, with reefs in the Maldives completely dead
  • toxins from the cities were brought into the natural habitats
  • freshwater sources were contaminated by the salty seawater
  • the high amount of plant and animal death is nearly uncountable
Indian woman crying over dead relative Reuters/Arko Datta

Worst of 2000

The Indian Ocean earthquake and Tsunami was the worst disaster of the 2000's due to its loss of human life, economic impact, and immense destruction of the environment. The devastating waves killed over 230,000 people, and some of them were never found. This tragic loss of human life hit relatively small fishing towns, nearly eradicating entire city populations. Not only were lives lost, but so were the buildings and boats. Since the world came together and donated over 14 billion dollars to the relief funds the economic impact was not crippling, but without those donations, the developing countries such as Sri Lanka and Indonesia would still feel the economic impacts today. While the economic was relatively small, the environmental impact is still felt today. The habitats effected will not recover for many years. This unpreventable disaster ended a quarter million lives, destroyed cities that have not been rebuilt to this day, and has left an everlasting effect on the environment it destroyed--making it the worst disaster of the 2000's.

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