Sienna M My Story

I live in a family of 5 my mum Tracie my dad Alex my sisters Olivia and Sofia and ME!


This is my dog Harry and he is a Labrador. One of the things I love doing with him is taking him to the park for a run.

sofia,olivia and i

This is my 2 sisters Sofia,Olivia and I. We were driving to my Nonna's house so we stopped to take a photo and look at the great view.

Olivia Sofia I

These are my sisters and I at our hotel in Bali called Padma the pool we were sitting in front of was called the lagoon this one also had three water slides. There was another pool witch was just the main pool.

Tracie Olivia Sofia I

This are my sisters,my mum and I at Sydney. We were going on the Jet Boat. The Jet Boat was a boat that would take you around the Harbour at high speeds. you had to wear a poncho so you didn't get wet.It was rally fun because the driver did spins and skids though the water.

Alex Olivia Sofia I

This is my dad my two sisters and I we are all at the water park in Gold Coast. I was on a holiday with my mum dad and sisters. We stayed in a really nice hotel and it was really fun holiday.


This is my cat Rosie and she is technically my sisters cat because my mum let Sofia chose the cat and pick the name of her. she love food and cuddling with Sofia

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