Harl Pierson (H.P.) Pemberton Chace James

Prior to WWII my great grandfather was a farmer in the Appalachian mountains.

Once he turned 18 he enlisted in the Army and joined the Corp of Engineers.

At the beginning of WWII he transferred to the Navy and joined the group called the SeaBees.

The patch the SeaBees commonly wore on their uniform.
A recruiting poster used by the Navy to recruit men to the SeaBees in order to increase the amount of construction of Naval ships and bases.

The SeaBees were in charge of construction of Naval War bases, ships, and during land warfare were mechanics for tanks and planes.

Omaha Beach

Entered the war in Europe as a reservists for the Navy at Normandy on the initial United States invasion on D-Day.

Following the invasion H.P. never talked about what he did once in Europe.The SeaBees continued along with the front and helped with construction and mechanical issues along the front lines of the war.

After returning from the war H.P. had very sever PTSD, and was sad and depressing to be around.

What was the best conversation you had with him? - He was sitting in the corner staring at a blank T.V. and I tried to start a conversation with him, but he just sat there and stared at me and said nothing.

After returning for the war he was very mean and abrupt to be around,and was not a nice person to be around.

After opening a foreign automobile and teaching me and my brother how to work on foreign cars that he learned while in Europe he moved out to Arizona.

He was never really around we grew separated he had the houses up stairs and I had the down. He would take a lot of road trips by himself, just drive away and would eventually come back sometimes not for weeks.

The war really effected him, he was kinda (mentally/emotionally) before the war but when he came back he was completely gone and constantly zoned out or yelling.

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