Body System Britnee williams

The brain helps us think,move,learn,and do things with your body that most people couldn't do.

chewing starts the digestive system and then you swallow your food goes down and then you drink water or something else and it get it soggy so it can go down your mouth faster.

The respiratory system needs oxygen which helps are sels and helps us breath oxygen and we exhale as we breath.

The muscular system helps us move and do things different as we move our body like our thumbs,knees,elbows,fingers,toes,and much more so we can do things and take risks.

Our skeletal system helps us move our body like jump,run,walk,talk,and even skip all because we have our skeleton which are a bunch of bones stuck together.


Created with images by AlexandruPetre - "skull halloween skull bone" • IsaacMao - "Brain" • Hey Paul Studios - "Large Digestive System Diagram. Framed Wall Hanging. Hand Embroidery." • Tmelu - "Human respiratory system" • evillalba - "Hand and Wrist" • Double--M - "Brockhaus & Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary"

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