Breaking Down Walls short-term students exchange september 24-28, 2018

aim of the meeting

Participants from six countries reflect on how tangible and intangible walls can be broken down and bridges between people, countries and cultures can be erected instead.
Working in multinational teams on several tasks during the week and experiencing life in their host families students develop team spirit and friendships.
The meeting as well as the whole Erasmus+ project promote mutual understanding, tolerance and peace.

Breaking Down Walls - in the past, present, and future

23/09/2018 Arrival

partners arrive to Nuremberg
short visit to the castle
walk through town and transfer to Hildburghausen

Day 1 - Activities at Gymnasium Georgianum Hildburghausen


Monday starts with getting to know activities
Brally, the mascot arrived too
official opening of the meeting with the school choir
watching the video about the flight of the mascot in Latvia
introduction to Madmagz, students work in multinational teams
students watch videos about participating countries, which were produced by national teams before the meeting; they extract the main information and create pages for a multicultural magazine
during the week students also created pages about several activities
geocaching activity after lunch to get to know the town

Day 2 - history and traditions


visit to Ehrenburg Coburg to learn how European countries were already related to each other in the past

Arranged marriages were a way to keep peace in the past, but today that is not the solution of the problems we face today.

working on the German mascot video
exploring the town
tasting traditional food: Bratwurst
glass blowing, a Thuringian tradition in Lauscha
guided tour at Farbglashütte Lauscha

for additional information on glass decorations watch this video

Learning about the traditions of a country promotes mutual understanding.

surprise activity :) in the programme announced as "shared fun"

Sharing free time activities and everyday life brings people closer to each other.

Day 3 - breaking walls through art, education and courage


Point Alpha Stiftung

guided tour, explaining the inhumanity of walls and borders and their effect on people
PEACE, MIR, FRIEDEN - a pledge for peace at the former inner-German border
"Nobody has the intention to erect a wall."
separations can be overcome

Learning from the past helps us not to make the same mistakes again.

Activity for the European Day of Languages

Meiningen, the home of Georg II

Georg II helped breaking walls by supporting the arts and education

Georg supported schools as well as the Meiningen theatre company, which toured many European countries, thus breaking walls.

Gymnasium Georgianum is proud to carry his name.

You can read more about Georg II here

Day 4 - Activities at Gymnasium Georgianum


creating a multinational choir
preparing the Breaking Down Walls flash mob

no chance for walls made of hate, prejudice, intolerance, stereotypes

learning about Georg II at school museum
learning about Geschwister Scholl, a courageous example of resistance
filming the arrival of the mascot
kahoot quiz "How good is your German?"
finishing the pages created for the magazine during the meeting
presenting pages created in multinational teams

Day 5 - How the European Union helps to break walls in the future


excursion to Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia

Europäisches Informationszentrum Europe direct, Erfurt

The European Union, how it works for the people
The EU and its 24 official languages, cf. #coeEDL
visit to Thuringian state chancellery
also Brally listens to stories of the past, Goethe and Napoleon, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, that show how respect can break walls
Erasmus+, eTwinning, European volunteer service, etc. - the EU offers a lot to young people to get to know their peers in other countries.

EU projects like Erasmus+ and eTwinning help to build bridges instead of walls.

come and visit our TwinSpace
"Breaking Down Walls" is co-funded by the European Union.
Created By
Andrea Ullrich

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