World of bodybuilding Astounding physiques, fierce competition, one goal: to be remembered.


Eugen Sandow – The Father of modern Bodybuilding

After having taken part in several strongmen competitions during his early 20's, and overwhelming enormous audiences with both his physical strength and bodily conditioning, Eugen Sandow became known as the pioneering German bodybuilder.

Eugen Sandow – posing for several photoshoots.
"Health is a divine gift, and the care of the body is a sacred duty, to neglect which is to sin".

Sandow's resemblance to the physiques found on classical Greek and Roman sculpture was no accident, as he measured a vast array of aesthetically-pleasing statues in numerous museums and contributed to the development of "The Grecian Ideal" as a formula for the "perfect physique". He intentionally built his physique to the exact proportions of his newly developed Grecian Ideal, and is widely considered to be the father of modern bodybuilding, as one of the first athletes to purposely develop his musculature to predetermined dimensions. In his books Strength and How to Obtain It and Sandow's System of Physical Training, Sandow laid out specific prescriptions of weights and repetitions in order to achieve his ideal proportions.

Regardless of the impact Eugen Sandow has had on the bodybuilding scene, nowadays, the renown celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger is deemed to be the most influential bodybuilder in history. As seen above, and demonstrated in a number of other videos and interviews, his passion for the "cult of the body" –as he sometimes refers to this sport– has transcended many generations and motivated many to join a gym.

"The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that".

Modern-Day bodybuilding

An Evolution towards Extremeness

"It's more than a lifestyle, it's an artform" – Ronnie Coleman (on the left)

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