Descriptive Writing all about me

This piece of writing is all about me and the shield that I drew at school. It has four different sections showing four particular things about me and that's what I'm going to be talking about . First of all my name is Ashmeet and I am 13 years old. I have 2 siblings and both are younger than me.

I was born in New Zealand and so were my sisters. My parents come from India and moved to New Zealand 15 years ago and then had me. After my parents moved to New Zealand, for so many years they had to stay in a rental house, until they had enough money to buy a house, which was after 10 years. One of the biggest festivals we have in our culture is Diwali. You light candles and fireworks and just enjoy the time with your friends and family. Every Sunday I go to the temple with my family and just spent a few hours there, sitting and listening to the old history of my culture.


In my spare/free time, I just do whatever or play football with my sisters in my backyard. I barely have any spare time since I normally have school homework or doing chores. I also love playing netball since I was in a team in year 6. I used to suck at it but I started to get good just like badminton, which I never was really into until intermediate P.E.

"what do you want to be in the future?" Everyone asks me that all the time and sometimes I just say "I don't know." But I think I want to be a doctor. Why? Because I want to help people that are sick or have diseases. I honestly feel so bad for them and would do anything to help them to get better.

I go to Papatoetoe High School and the only subjects I like are art, french and science. To be honest, intermediate was way better than high school because you don't have to change classes every hour and stay in the same class for 2 years. High school gives me so much stress just thinking about the assignments and revising everything for tests. I miss so many of my friends that are gone to different schools now. I miss our good times being crazy all day, but unfortunately, everyone has to move on.

Papatoetoe High School logo

Well, that's all the description about me, I hope it gets you to know me a little bit better now.

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