SF Bay Trail San Mateo, Ca

Do you like running?

Did you know the San Francisco Bay Trail is a 500 mile trail around the bay? Technically, I live on part of the trail by the Embarcadero, but sometimes I get bored of seeing the same thing over and over again. Plus, the concrete can be a bit tough on my paws and joints.

Seal Point Dog Park is right by the trail where my mom likes to run with me for long runs (5+ miles). It's an uninterrupted asphalt trail right by the water, and because it's right by the dog park, I can burn off some of my excess energy before our runs. Plus, there's parking. She's big on parking.

The whole trail is technically leash only. Mom generally follows the rule because the path is a shared with bicyclists and can get pretty busy, especially since there are some blind curves. On top of that, there's a lot of protected wetlands here, with geese and other big birds, which is why it can also smell a bit stinky.

To start:

Park in the Seal Point Dog Park parking lot, then follow the path that goes between the restrooms and the small dog run so that you end up behind the small dog run. You'll notice the Bay Trail sign. From there you're already on the trail!

We usually run straight and then turn at the halfway mark.

If you decide to go south:

Mile 1
Mile 9

The only time mom will ever let me off leash is the stretch between miles 1 and 2 since it's not near any busy roads and is pretty straight, which gives a clear view of any oncoming traffic.

Mile 2
Mile 3 (left) and 7 (right)

It's often windier here. One time we ran here there were 25+ mph winds and the water was actually spraying on us. I thought it was fun. I'm not sure how mom felt.

Mile 4

Mom wants to try bike skjorning here too so that I can really get a good run in. She's a slow and steady runner so usually I'm just trotting in front or along side her, which is why she makes me carry my own water, to make sure I'm putting in some actual work. I just want to run around and sniff everything!

Being off leash also lets me gets some sprints in and cool off by running into the water.

Mile 5 - looking north (left) and south (right)

By the end of the 1st half we had run through San Mateo into Foster City and I got to see lots of geese and eat some bird poop!

The next time you're looking for a place to run definitely check out this part of the Bay Trail. Maybe one day we'll try running in the other direction to see what kind of views we get - hope to bump into you!

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