The Creation of the Holy Roman Empire By Dalton McNeal

Clovis starts out with good on the empire. At age 20 he strikes soissons.
Clovis win the people there own home. Clovis prays to win the battle
Charlemagne also gathered together the brightest scholars Charlemagne worked to strengthen the people
Charlemagne swore allegiance to him. Charlemagne then sent loyal authorities Charlemagne expanded the Frankish empire
Pepin the Short was the king that established the Carolingian Pepin promised to protect the church
Pepin the Short successfully removed the Lombard Pepin had god had the God on his side


Created with images by Wolfgang Staudt - "Walk" • *_* - "Tomb of Clovis @ Basilique de Saint-Denis @ Saint-Denis" • KrzysztofTe Foto Blog - "Love affair" • CircaSassy - "A brief history of mediæval and modern peoples (1899)" • CircaSassy - "A school history of Germany: from the earliest period to the establishment of the German empire in 1871 (1874)" • frozenchipmunk - "Pepin the Short" • sybarite48 - "Jargeau (Loiret)"

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