Don't Get in Trouble in the Middle Ages By john lanning

Ordeal by Fire

The accused would pick up an red hot iron bar walk a few paces drop it and they would bandage their hand they would come back in a few days if the hand showed signs of healing they were innocent if it didn't they were guilty

Ordeal by Combat

The accused and the accuser would fight, if the accused won they were innocent if the accuser won they were guilty.

Trial by Jury

The manorial court dealt with most serious crimes. It was held at various intervals during the year, and the people had to attend or pay a fine. All men were placed in groups of ten called a tithing. Each tithing had to make sure that no member of their group broke the law. If a member of a tithing broke a law then the other members had to make sure that he went to court.

Trial by Ordeal

The accused had to face trial by ordeal to decide whether they were guilty or not guilty.


The guilty of minor crimes were put in a stock where people could throw things at them and humiliate them.

The rack

The rack was used to torture a prisoner of war or to make someone confess to a crime.


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