Fried Calamari


Squid, lemon, flour, salt, Mazola oil

First remove the plastic bone and ink cayrtrage out of the squid's tenticle.

after removing the insides, Cut the squid tenticles into one inch strips.

then put all of the tenticles in the a colander to dry

while waiting for the squid to dry, put an inch of Mazola in a large sauce pan.

after that, put some flour in a zip lock bag.

begin putting the cut up squid tenticles into the bag of flour and shake it until they are completely covered in flour.

turn on the stove top to high with the pan of oil until it is boiling. Then put the tenticles in the oil for a minute.

flip them over then wait another minute...while waiting, find a flat pan and some paper towels to put the calamari on the pan and soak up the excess oil from the calamari.

once the calamari is done, put all the pieces on the pan with the paper towel.

add some salt and enjoy

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