Siphonophores Maya AShooh

Organization: Siphonophores are very complex, being made up of specialized zooids (both medusae and polyps) to form a colony. The nectophores (a type of medusae) aid in the propelling of the organism and the polyps aid in the feeding. The zooids need to work together in order for the siphonophore to function.

Portuguese Man O' War

Reproduction: All the zooids in a given siphonophore colony are descended from a single fertilized egg. Polyps of some siphonophores become reproductive cells that contain sperm or eggs. Some species of siphonophores have both types of reproductive cells, while others have only male or female reproductive functions. In some species, external fertilization then takes place after assemblies of different polyp types, including reproductive polyps, are released from the end of the siphonophore where eggs or sperm are broadcast into the water column.

Niche: Siphonophores can live at depths of 200-800 meters. They are believed to feed on copepods, krill, and other small crustaceans. There are not many known predators of siphonophores however, species that feed on stinging, gelatinous invertebrates such as loggerhead turtles and ocean sunfish have been known to feed on them.

Conservation: Siphonophores have not been evaluated for conservation.

Adaptations: Siphonophores have adapted to their habitat's cold temperature, lack of food, and extreme pressures. It also relies on its agile swimming and long tentacles for survival.

Distinguishing Features: Features can vary based on different types of siphonophores however common features are: a transparent nectophores (gas pouches), long tentacles, and gelatinous bodies.

Significance: Siphonophores are not harvested for any commercial values.

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