Benito Juarez Community Academy An Urban Experience Reflexive - Prior Knowledge

Prior Knowledge of Urban Classroom Settings


Have you ever attended and/or visited an urban school setting? My first experience visiting an urban school setting was satisfied through this trip.

Leaving Benito Juarez Community Academy after a fun day


What was it like? If not, what do you know about urban school settings? Visiting Benito Juarez Community Academy expanded my knowledge of an urban school setting. Observing and engaging with students in a predominately Hispanic student body was a new and eye-opening experience. Interacting with students whose primary language is Spanish served to be an interesting communication activity; I have learned basic Spanish through my education but I am not experienced enough to hold valuable conversations with students who respond best to someone who speaks Spanish. After leaving the academy, I realized the value of being able to connect with your students.


How is it that you know what you know? The cooperating teacher I had the luxury of learning from made it apparent teacher-student relationships are the key to getting your students to reach their potential in a meaningful way. He did not have to explicitly articulate this either. Through my observations, I was able to decipher how he interacted with his students versus how he interacted with his colleagues; in working with his class, he used language that he may not use when communicating with his colleagues - and this was an effective tool in managing the class and establishing an appropriate teacher-student relationship.

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