Adobe Spark: A Strategic Brief @HannahmJett

Introduction to Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a free online and mobile graphic design app. On this site anyone can easily create beautiful images, videos, and web pages that help tell your own story through a blog or digital resume or you can even write about various companies and businesses. Adobe Spark products include: Adobe Spark Page, Adobe Spark Post, and Adobe Spark Video.


For this assignment I have decided to focus on myself and my personal brand. I figure since I am currently on the hunt for an internship position in the strategic communications spectrum that an online piece about myself might help me to stand apart from the crowd!

Key Audience

For this assignment I hope to target strategic communication business employers within the Louisville, KY area. Because of the communication field that I want to enter into after graduation, I hope that the company knows of or utilizes the Adobe Spark products. If they do not utilize them, maybe it would be a great opportunity for me to introduce them to the website through pages or posts I can repost to my social media sites.

Strategic Mindset

Some characteristics for focusing on myself for this assignment is that I am getting the opportunity to brand myself in a new and different way. This also gives me an interesting way to share my story, personally and professionally. With this Adobe Spark page and through social graphic posts I can show some creativity and uniqueness to employers, or anyone else who comes across this site.


Two objectives I have for making this page are to 1. Market myself for future internships and 2. Create another outlet to become proficient in, in order to set myself apart from competitors.

Strategies + Tactics

To accomplish my objectives I will explore everything that Adobe has to offer in order to familiarize myself with the program. In doing so, I will hope to create different pages and posts to share onto my multiple media accounts across all platforms. To better market myself to future employers, I will include a portfolio of sorts, as well as attachments to pieces I have done online to show the spectrum of my creativity and knowledge in the strategic communication field.

Summary Points

Through making this page, I want employers to notice me and recognize my various media and creative talents. I want to be set apart from the crowd, and be taken seriously for the things I am able to do and ideas I can later contribute to the table of a local company or organization.

  • Inspiration Gallery. (n.d.). Retrieved March 07, 2017, from <-- This is a great resource that Adobe Spark provides to its users to gain some inspiration and to take a look at what other users are doing to better their pages and make themselves stand out!
  • Adobe Spark. (n.d.). Retrieved March 07, 2017, from <-- This is also an Adobe Spark provided link that comprises various blogs and posts pertaining to a creative lifestyle and ways to improve skills like photography and presentations.

Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Phone: (502)-592-8275
  • Twitter: HannahMJett
  • Instagram: HannahMJett
  • Facebook:
  • LinkedIn:
  • Blog:


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