Revised Fall 2020 SW Jr Tournament Schedule The fall Junior Tournament Schedule has some changes due to COVID-19 and the current state orders that are disrupting play across the section. The changes are highlighted with a rationale in the final column. Please consider this revised schedule as fluid and it could potentially be changed if needed. The SW Junior Competition Committee feels this schedule is the safest and most realistic way to commence higher level play in the section where families can make decisions for what is best for them.

As of now, all of our fall L3-5 events will not include doubles.

For all events, we ask the following:

  • All spectators and players wear masks except for those playing matches on court
  • Player + 1 on-site only (player plus a coach is acceptable, but only if a parent is not present)
  • Players and spectators leave the site once the match is complete
  • If a player would like to play matches with 2 cans of balls, they must bring their own can of the same ball type
  • Players and spectators should bring their own water and seating

See below Executive orders to consider for tournament play from the three states that represent the Southwest Section.

New Mexico State Executive Orders:

  • individuals who arrive in NM from a location outside the state must self-quarantine/self-isolate for 14 days
  • 5 person gathering limit
  • Masks required while exercising outdoors
  • No youth sport competition

Due to the 14-day quarantine in NM, we strongly recommend players from outside NM, compete only in TX and AZ until the order is lifted unless they are able to quarantine for 14 days before a tournament in NM.

Texas state executive order:

  • 10 person outdoor gathering limit

Arizona state executive order:

  • 50 person gathering limit

*Please note that some states have penalties for non-compliance of orders.