Values-Based Goal Setting Common Exhibit for Learning Outcome #6

Nothing much surprised me on this exercise when I had to discard. I knew which values were lower to me than other immediately when I saw them. It was simple putting them in ranks of importance because I know my main values and so everything else revolves around them. This was a fun exercise to literally see what type of person you are.

Important to Me

Not Important to Me

Very Important to Me

Important to Me (TOP 10)

Not Important to Me (TOP 10)

Very Important to Me (TOP 10)

Important to Me (TOP 5)

Not Important to Me (TOP 5)

Very Important to Me (TOP 5)

Important to Me (#1)

Not Important to Me (#1)

Very Important to Me (#1)


My short-term goal is to make sure my dad is happy on his birthday, I get A's on my upcoming exams, and that I make sure to take breaks for leisure. Loving is a top 5 core value and that value will get me to reach that short term goal. To get A's, I must have mastery which is also in my top 5 core values. When leisure comes, I will make sure to use my family and loving value to do fun activities. For long-term goals, I want to have a great job in Chemical Engineering, I want my family to be happy, I want to always think realistic when doing everything, I want to have a true love with an active sex life because I believe it is part of life and it is a great stress relief. My core values all mimic these goals because I have been like this for most of my life and I have most things figured out in what I want in my life. This was an easier exercise to do because I think i know who I am, and I stick to who I am because I like who I am, and hopefully this exercise shows that I know who I am.

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