Utah Symbols AD Miss Ariel

Elk is are state aninaml

is a state flower and it is called a pretty flower
lose are cheery trees and that is are state fruit
this is are state fish is really good to c

this is are motto is working hard like you should be doing in school.

Are state song is this is the place and there many more

That is are state gem and it very shine and itś very rare

Are spanish sweet onion is are state vegetable it looks very good

That is are state tree and it kinda looks like burch dutt itś not

That is i think are flag l know thatś not a flag but it is in a flag type
That is are state fossil is is bied because there no more in the world there all died
Thatś are state bird it is a california segel and there in utah if you come you can see one
Are state rock is copper itś all was brown it does change colors


Created with images by ahisgett - "Male Elk" • cogdogblog - "A Sego Lilly" • yarachan - "sakura cheery blossom sky" • USFWS Mountain Prairie - "Bonneville Cutthroat Trout" • kaboompics - "young woman girl" • RyanMcGuire - "musician country song banjo" • JamesDeMers - "gemstones semi precious geology" • Sangre-La.com - "jc1570.JPG" • brtinney - "Quaking Aspen" • Texas State Library and Archives Commission - "Seal of the Republic of Texas on the Entry Doors to the Lorenzo de Zavala Building" • two stout monks - "bruce" • WimdeGraaf - "seagull bird wings" • derwiki - "dusk bryce canyon utah"

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