Reflective Journal 1st May


On Tuesday I only planned what work I was going to accomplish by the end of this week. I aim to have a new attack-able enemy and a main menu working by the end of the week. I want to place the new enemy and have its attack working by the end of the week.


On Wednesday I began designing the latest enemy for my game. It should be visible on levels 3 and 4 of my final game. I created my enemy and began creating the Reflective Journal for this week. I think that I can change the design of the newest enemy because I do not think that he suits the theme of the game. At the end of the day I began to draw what the new enemy's attack was going top look like.


I initially Thursday Creating new sprites and refining the ones I already have created. I spent most of the day doing this. I feel as if they could still be refined and edited further to look more professional. I would like to go back and change the digital level tiles, I would like to make them look curved so that my character has a more normal walking motion along them. I looked at the different types of Menus that are in games, and the complexity of what menus are available.


On Friday I began by planning out the look of what I would like my Menu to look like. I decided on a basic design so that I didn't make my game too complex for me to build before the final hand in. I placed the new enemy and his attack into the game, This has made the game more interactive for the player. Rather than them just running through the levels.


Next week I would like to have a custom Menu screen designed for the game. I would like to make sure that the Menu is functioning correctly, because it is currently causing issues in the order of which the game is played.

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