Schafer's Story

This is the third week of the offensive on Aleppo, government troops have taken over 85% of the city! The rebels have even asked for a 5 day ceasefire. Here's the link.
So South Korea's first female president is going through being impeached and could be kicked out of office. Her life has been pretty interesting. Here is a link for more info!
This man, a 60 year old who used to be an army ranger, had to play santa clause for one of the toughest parts of his job, a 5 year old boy who was terminally ill. Word's cannot even explain, here is the story!
So, a teenager by the name of Jakeen Tyler went back to work after a car accident to get some extra money to buy supplies for the homeless, a very uplifting story!
Fighting continues after a ceasefire tuedsay that only lasted a couple hour. There was supposed to be a cease fire to let both civilians and rebels escape before more bloodshed occurred, but that went downhill. There are supposedly 100 children trapped in a building and taking fire.
So there was an off duty firefighter at a diner with some friends, when he noticed some people were complaining about headaches and felt nauseous. So he called his buddies and it turns out there was a carbon monoxide leak. heres how it turned out.
Here is a photo of two boys, 6 & 10. That are helping a man in a wheelchair shovel his driveway. Their father is very proud as one could imagine. Very inspiring!
A grandson finally found the plane his grandfather flew in WW2, it looks like he shared his love for flying. His reaction is very emotional. Here's the link
Wreaths across america did not have enough for every grave in Arlington cemetery. Luckily, many people donated extra and 44,000 people showed up despite conditions to help lay wreaths. Truly amazing.
Recently, the president for the national fraternal order of police asked walmart to stop supporting the selling of shirts that say "bulletproof" and "black lives matter" and walmart has agreed to get rid of the bulletproof shirts. her is a link if you want more information
So, Aleppo has finally been retaken and secured. Though heavy snow has impeded evacuation of civilians.


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