Teenage Pregnancy by: Mariah Depiro

Teenage pregnancy rates are not very high in the state of Oregon, as of 2104, 2,390 teen births were to women 15-19. In 2011, there 5,270 teen pregnancies. Although pregnancy rates have gone down in the past few years, tax payers are paying approximately 170 million on were spent on unplanned pregnancies (2010) Unknown (unknown). Oregon Data. Retrieved from https://thenationalcampaign.org/data/state/oregon

We all know babies are cute, but not cute when you're a 16 year old parent!

As of February 2017, there are about 20+ different types of contraceptives. Many teens use 1, 2 or sometimes even 3 contraceptives, but not all of them are very effective. The most common types of contraceptives are The Pill, Male condoms, Emergency contraceptives, the Implant and the Shot were the most common methods of birth control.

Here is just one contraceptive, The Pill.

The Pill: A pill women take everyday at the same time. There are two types of pills, The combined pill you take for 21 days and for 7 days you don't take it so you can bleed. There is also the progestogen pack where for 21 days you take "active pills" and for 7 days you take your period pills. It is about 99% effective if taken the right way. Birth Control Pill. (2017) Retrieved from www.birthcontrol.com

Male condoms

The male condom: Another famous type of contraceptive, the male condom is a latex (sometimes other materials if either you or your partner is allergic to latex) is put over the erect male penis to prevent ejaculation from getting into the cervix and reaching an egg. You can get condoms just about anywhere and they can get to be pretty expensive, you can also get condoms at contraceptive clinics, your doctors office or many clinics around your area. If you are under 16 they don;t tell your parents you are going into get them, they encourage you to tell them, but don't force you unless they see that there is harm in it, such as abuse. Condoms. (01/13/2015) Retrieved from http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/contraception-guide/Pages/male-condoms.aspx

Emergency Contraceptive (Plan B)

Another famous contraceptive is, Plan B. Plan B is an emergency contraceptive that you can buy over the counter. Plan B should be used when you have had unprotected sex, if the condom breaks or you were forced into sex and you should take it within the first 72 hours (3 days). It has the same ingredients as birth control just in a higher dose. It should not be used as a regular birth control because then it won't be as effective. Plan B can get to be kind of expensive, but they have a coupon for 10 dollars off on their website. Plan B. http://planbonestep.com/about.aspx

Now, I know we all have had to go through some sort of health class in high school, but they don't always always talk about what you do if you ACTUALLY get pregnant. No one wants to think about that being a possibility. So what do teenagers do if they have unplanned pregnancies? Abortions? Adoption? Keeping it? Do teens even think about what to do if they end up getting pregnant?

What I propose; I believe that we should have a group of anonymous teenagers come together after school to talk about their concerns with being sexually active or if they fear they may be or become pregnant. I also believe that high schools should start handing out condoms in the health office or in the counseling center for teens who are active, but have no way of getting that form of contraceptive. Although condoms can be expensive, would you rather your child have safe sex or have a baby?

Not very many teens are willing to open up to their sex life and just go to groups and talk about it, so if the counseling center or the health office nurse talks to these teens about the ways to be safe during sex. Sex isn't something teens should fear because of what could happen. The safer you are during sex the better off your chances will be.

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