Xiana Aldrete English 2 period 2

Semester Goal

For my semester goal I will get A’s and B’s in all of my classes. I also want to get better at swim. I will achieve this goal by turning in all of my work in time and focusing in class more. I will also practice holding my breathe.

My English Goal

My English goal is to get an A in this class and i will achieve this goal by doing all of my homework and studying when there is a test the next day.

High School Goal

My high school goal is to graduate with all of my credits and to have an idea of what i want to be in life. I will achieve this by working hard to make sure everything is turned in on time and doing extra credit.

After High School Goal

My goal for after high school is to apply for college and get a good job. I will accomplish this by working hard to get good grades in high school to get into get into college or get a scholarship I will also save my money. Before i do those thing i would like to take a trip around the world.

Personal Goal

My goal for personal growth is to become a better person for myself and be free in life and to be able to do what i choose to do in life. I will do this be working hard to get money and saving my money to be able to move.


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