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Germany has one of the richest and oldest cultures in the world. The independent country of Germany was only established in 1949, the country has a very rich history. In medieval times, Germany was a beloved place for many kings. Overall Germany has around 200,000 castles scattered around the country, some very well preserved and other are in ruins. Some of the most famous castles include:

Neuschwanstein castle: Said to be the castle Walt Disney modeled Cinderella's castle after

Walt Disney modeled Cinderella's Castle after this castle. Built in 1869

Hohenzollern Castle

Built in the Mountains in 1867

In the year 1933, an Austrian man named Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. Hitler had very strong ideas that he wanted to put in place in Germany. He had an extreme hatred for Jews, and wanted to make Germany bigger, and bring it more power. He gained many followers and in 1939 he caused the start of the Second World War.

Hitler speaking in Berlin in 1939
American soldiers during WW2 in 1942


Germany has some of the most diverse landscapes and climate. Germany borders to ocean in the North, has mountains in the South, and rivers all over the country. Northern Germany borders the Atlantic Ocean and Denmark. On the west Germany is bordered by the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and and to the East it borders, Poland, Czech Republic, and Austria. In southern Germany, the Alps tower over the country. They provide lushes woods and home to many animals.

Bavarian Alps are one of the most visited places in the winter to ski, hike, or just for vacation.
Sand dunes of the Northern German beaches
The longest River in Germany is the Rhine river with the Rhine castle nestled on the river bed.


Germany has a very distinct architectural style. Most of Germany's major cities include Carolingian, Romanesque, Gothic, renaissance, baroque, classical and modern architecture. Germany has many very large churches built in the 1800's and smaller classical townhouses.

The Cologne Cathedral: Construction started in 1242, built in a Gothic style.
Classic German houses. In the city of Bamburg
Berlin Cathedral: Baroque Architectural Style, Completed in 1905

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