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Town Map

Town Hall Address- 3041 Kunesh North Rd, Pulaski, WI 54162

Event in the community

Community Park Sign

The town of Pittsfield invisions an expansion of the current community park. The government is working on the park to make it a fun and safe place for the community. They want to add more hiking and walking trails and a family friendly gathering place. They also wish to expand by planting more trees, and adding benches to the trails. The town recently built a pavilion for community gatherings in the park area. The Pittsfield Park Committee is a group of skilled individuals who are developing plans to continue the expansion of the park. The next step in the plan is to place new walkways and paths this coming June. The town board is also talking about putting lighting into the park. In the later stages of the park development they are hoping to add athletic fields to hold sports events and get the community moving outside when the weather is nice.

Pittsfield Community Park

The community park was started by all volunteers from the local community. There has been multiple monetary donations from different members of the community and the town itself to fund the development of the park. Several members of the community have donated their time to bettering the park area.

Volunteers helping with the park
The parks athletic feilds are in the middle of construction

My Opinion On The Community Park

My opinion on the park is I think it is a awesome idea for the community. I believe kids will have fun playing in the athletic fields when they are finished being built. Also I think they should add a frisbee golf course to the park throughout the trails. I also believe we should get more advertisement out in the community for the park. I think we should start a group going out and asking local businesses and groups for donations and if they want to help contribute to the park. Over all I agree with how they are handling the park. I feel like the things they have added are good improvementsto the park and attractions for the community.

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