TAste Of Szechuan A Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

MaLa Spirit Spicy Temptation, is a Chinese Szechuan cuisine restaurant at Chinatown, Chicago. It has changed three different names and three different managers over the past 15 years. But the authentic taste of Szechuan cuisine is always the same. The chef comes from Szechuan, so that you can find "numbing chili oil" in your dishes which you can't see in other places. "I lived in China for a year and this is exactly what I remember from my time there. This place is definitely a Go-to restaurant for Szechuan food in Chicago," said one customer who just finished dinner.

Just like other Chinese restaurants in the U.S., you can easily notice Chinese elements from furnishing and decoration styles. If you are craving to have an authentic Szechuan experience, if you have a deep need to eat something spicy, you have to go to this place. Every dish offered is authentic and identical to what you would find in the specific Chinese region that it comes from ---Szechuan.

Are you trying to find some sweet and sour sauce in this Szechuan restaurants? Ohhh, you apparently misunderstand Szechuan cuisine . You are talking about Americanized Chinese restaurant version, just like Panda Express. When it comes to an authentic Szechuan chef of Chinese restaurants, it's all about ordering the right thing. Ready to go? Follow me.


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