Night- Elie Wiesel James Wilkerson


This book is about a Jewish boy named Elie Wiesel and his family they are sent to concentration camps and face the horror and terrifying problems they face as they try to survive.


Elie Wiesel - Main person of story, Him and Family are sent to Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Where he almost meets death.

Wiesel of Sighet- His father , was the leader of the Jewish community in the area.

Madame Schachter- Crazy Jewish woman who basically predicts the jews future when she was just mentally insane


Hungary but he is sent to Auschwitz and him and his father were deported to Buchenwald camp.


Elie is sent to two camps where at Auschwitz he was almost thrown into fire because he lies about his age. He also feel ashamed that his father was beaten and he was unable to do anything.

Life in the Camp

He was separated from his mother and sisters. So it was just him and his dad. He felt very lonely and depressed after his family was separated.


The tone of this book is sad and depressing because it shows a real holocaust survive and his time during the holocaust and on the camp.

purpose of writing

Elie wanted to show people that he was a survivor of the holocaust and write the many problems that he faced during this time period.

After math

Him and his two sisters survive but his mother, father and younger sisters do not. The united came in and liberated the camp in 1945. Up above is a real photo of Elie barrack bunks.

my reaction to the book.

I like this book I give it a ten out of ten. I recommend it to people to all who wants to learn more about the holocaust.


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