duPont Manual/YPAS High School Scheduling Information - 2021-22

Step: 1

View the Scheduling Guide & Information

duPont Manual/University of Louisville Dual Enrollment Program Presentation will be on March 24 during Crimson Hour #3.

Step: 3

Enter Your Course Requests on Your Student Portal

1. When requesting your courses, please use the Course Numbers found on the Course List 2021 -22.

2. Students must have 8 requested courses and 3 alternates (for electives only). If you don’t have electives chosen for your 8 courses (meaning you have selected all graduation requirement and magnet required courses and do not have room in your schedule for alternates) - you do not have to add alternates. If you have chosen a study skills as an elective – you will automatically receive that course.

DUE DATE: Course Requests in Student Portal by April 9, 2021.


The counselors are here to help guide you with any questions/concerns about your scheduling, course requests and or four-year course plan.

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Marti Johnston